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We offer all the services necessary for your company to operate in the international market.

Tadelui opens the doors of the world so that your company can start the journey towards the international market!

Our main segments are: food, beachwear, fitness, underwear and construction

We manage all legal stages of the export, as an advisory to obtain the RADAR and we identify the necessity and obtaining licenses and records required for each situation, like FDA and FCE. Tadelui mediates to obtain these documents with authorized companies.

We provide all the necessary logistical support, from the contracting of international freight (harbor to harbor or door to door) and administration of all steps for customs clearance, loading at the origin of the cargo until delivery to the importer.

We carry out an extensive research to identify the ideal market for your product, that is,
we seek to know the general culture of the country in question, to better tailor and promote your product. After completing this step, we will have excellent conditions for a better negotiation, always seeking a fair and competitive value.

We act as Foreign Trade department for your company through a team of professionals specialized in the field. With this, we offer the benefit of a reduction of expenses, because the cost of our advice is inferior to what would be necessary to carry out the same functions with internal employees.

We are always present at major international trade fairs and events, and this enables us to present and display your company and brand, as well as creating new partnerships. Check out our events page.

With a strategic vision, we create commercial relations between companies, enabling a channel of access between technology, raw material and know-how, so that the result is always a high quality product and perfectly suited to the country that wants to market it.

Finally, we offer our clients the possibility of joining our website, where they will have their products exposed, facilitating new negotiations.

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